Hobby Max’s Saber Bride Is A Thing of Beauty


There are quite a few figures of Saber Bride out there. I already own three: AlphaMax, Medicom, and Good Smile, and I was fairly certain that would be more than enough for me. But apparently not, because Hobby Max has just unveiled a Bride figure sculpted by Kiking that is beyond my wildest dreams for a figure of her. With an amazing base, intricate details, and a unique pose, this Bride has it all–though her eyes are golden, which is a bit odd. What happened to the green?

It’s also a pretty mysterious figure. We have a release date (August) and know pre-orders are open tonight, but she’s also linked to a Chinese kickstarter and appears to be an exclusive. Though hey, in this day and age that won’t stop any figure collector! The price, though, might just do that…

[UPDATE] It seems there are two versions of this beauty! The DX one with the base is exclusive, so you will need a proxy for her. There’s also a standard edition with a simpler base available at most figure stores. However, their price is the same, so you’ll only pay about 2k more in proxy fees if you get the special edition. Tempting!

[via Hobby Max’s Twitter]


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