Hobby Show 2013: Kotobukiya’s Tomo Asama


This is a figure that’s had a very long road to production… well, she’s not even in production yet, so it could be longer still! Kotobukiya announced their figure of Tomo Asama in June of 2012, and there was no word on her until a full year later when she almost magically popped up fully sculpted! And now, like a… big breasted Venus rising from the ocean, she’s risen from obscurity and arrived fully painted!

While she’s certainly more tasteful than Max Factory’s Tomo, I’m kind of over the Horizon girls at this point. But I think fans of the series will appreciate the bold, dynamic pose and that she’s not as T&A focused as other figures from the show. But the whole arrow-resting-on-the-boobs thing is just… not for me.

[via Hobbylog]


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