Hobby Show 2015


Figure prices are skyrocketing, the yen is tanking, figure collectors are being driven out of the hobby. So you know what we need? More figure events! Clearly. That will solve things. So what’s this show? It’s not Wonder Festival, not MegaHobby, not CharaHobby… it’s Hobby Show! The most generically named figure event of all time. Of all time.

KanColle was, unsurprisingly, the main focus. We had a LOT from Max Factory: Harbour Princess and Atago both showed up, though unpainted. Figmas of Fubuki & Shimakaze along with the figFIX Mutsu were on display, along with non KanColle figmas: most notably the figma and Plamax Yoshika from Strike Witches. Plus the Metal Gear Solid, Expelled from Paradise,  and Ghost in the Shell figmas! And we have KanColle Nendos too: Akitsushima and anime version Fubuki. Plus an announcement from Aoshima, they’ll be doing a figure of Akitsushima.

Of course there were a (few) non-Kantai girls and boys. Most notably, Tomytec is making Ushio to Tora Nendoroids of Ushio Aotsuki and Tora. Kotobukiya brought a handful of figures from Rage of Bahamut, Shining Resonance, Aquarion Logos, Tales of Zestiria, and Mononoke. And last but not least, Aoshima is picking up a gorgeous garage kit of Kongou from Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova!

[via Hobby Search’s Blog]


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