Huke’s Saber Alter Is (Of Course) An Exclusive


If Good Smile Company & co comes out with a particularly large & elaborate figure, you can pretty much bet that it will be exclusive. The Heavy Armor KanColle girls? Exclusives. Sorceress? Exclusive. Cool armor and fancy bases seem to doom a figure to Wonderful Hobby Selection, and sadly GSC’s huke-designed Saber Alter has both of these.

I’ve loved her since we first saw her, and of course she looked gorgeous at Wonder Festival. But now it’s time to decide how much I actually want her. Because at a cool ¥21,800 + ¥2,000 for shipping, she ain’t cheap. Orders are open now and you have until March 30th to make up your mind, with an August release slated (though we all know she’s going to hit serious delays).


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