In Icon’s Disturbing Steve Jobs Tribute

Sometimes, tributes are a wonderful thing. They showcase your love and appreciation of the deceased, be they a famous person or a family member. Sometimes, though, they are just downright disturbing, and I think this is one of those cases. in icon’s Steve Jobs action figure looks identical, and I do mean identical, to the man himself, in a way that is incredibly eerie. I mean, the guy just died, it’s not like having an action figure of Ghandi or Hitler or some other deceased famous person. Well, let’s all pause a minute to imagine a battle between an army of Ghandi and Hitler action figures…

Anyway, in icon’s Steve Jobs is a cool idea I suppose, and it seems well-executed (except for the very doll-looking joints). It’s all a little Uncanny Valley for me, and I think maybe in a year or two I’ll find it less creepy, but right now it’s a doll of a guy who just died. If this is the figure for you, you can get one here for the low, low price of $99.99 ($109.99 to the US). It’s a pre-order and apparently quantities are very limited, and it will be shipping in February. He comes with a ton of accessories, including 2 (yes 2) apples, one with a bite taken out of it. Accessories not included? The mini iPhone and iPad he is shown with, which I find somehow hilarious. It’s obviously not approved by Apple, so do you guys think this is a legitimate tribute or are they just trying to make money off of his death? Let us know in the comments!


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