Javier Jimenez’ Wananeko Comes Into The World Of Soft Vinyl


It’s no secret that here at Plastikitty, we love cats. Real cats, stuffed cats, toy cats. If it’s a cat, I’m gonna buy it. One of our recent favorite cat figures has been Javier Jimenez’ Wananeko, a yokai who can shapeshift parts of his body into weaponry and also is so freaking cute. However, past Wananeko releases have been resin and fairly limited, so like most resin toys it’s hard to dive into right away for newbies.

But worry no more, Wananeko fans! There is now an IndieGoGo for… you guessed it, a soft vinyl version of this badass kitty. And if there’s one thing I like more than cat toys it’s sofubi cat toys, so this is great news! The rewards range from stickers to crazy customs, and there will be 3 colorways to start off: DIY, original, and a clear pink that’s exclusive to IndieGoGo.

But that’s not all. You may notice that our header is not of Wananeko. Or is it?! It’s BABY WANANEKO. This resin piece is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and there are four different colorways you can get only through the IndieGoGo: Original, Calico, Nightshade and Ghost. I love that the eye shape changes so he goes from worried to angry. AHH, it’s so cute. Do you want one? You know you do. Head on over to IndieGoGo and show your support.


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