Jubilee Is The Next Marvel Bishoujo


Well this is something I didn’t think we’d be seeing for quite some time! Jubilee is far from the most popular X-Men (or in this case X-Woman), and in fact is usually regulated to more of a sidekick… though perhaps recently she’s been given more of a main character vibe. But she really does have a cheesy 80’s vibe (which I love!). She looks like she fell out of Jem And The Holograms and landed at Marvel (ps please make Jem Bishoujos Kotobukiya).

But it seems like it’s her time to shine, because we’ve got the art reveal for a Jubilee Bishoujo and oh my god she’s so retro perfect I could die. The colors, the outfit, the pose…. I NEED HER RIGHT NOW! She even comes with popcorn. I’m so happy.

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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