Jump Festa 2014: MegaHouse & Bandai


Jump Festa is one of many excuses for MegaHouse to show off their male figures. Sometimes I think they make up events just to show off buff guys, and the occasional scantily clad girl thrown in there. They seem to have an endless supply of dudes, much to the delight of their many fans. And oh man did they bring the goods to Jump Festa 2014. Bandai jumped (haha, get it? JUMPED?) in too with some goodies of their own for even more manly man-ness.

We’ve got all the usual suspects: Tiger & Bunny, One Piece (Rebecca, Trafalgar Law, Red-Haired Shanks, Baby 5, Kaku, & more!), Gintama (Tsukuyo, Gintoki Sakata, Okita Sougo), and Kuroko no Basket (Taiga Kagami, Daiki Aomine, Shintarou Midorima). Oh, and there’s a new Naruto G.E.M: Kakashi! Wait… don’t they already have 2 figures of him? What about Sakura? Itachi? Anyone other than Kakashi?!

[via Hobbylog]


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