Junko Mizuno’s Stunning Kuro Megami For Kidrobot Black

Kidrobot Black, the vinyl company’s high-end designer collection, has releases few and far between. There hasn’t been one I’ve been interested in since Lilitu, but they’ve finally caught my eye again with this collaboration with Junko Mizuno! Her ‘Kuro Megami’ figure is absolutely gorgeous, with way more detail than you usually see on a vinyl piece and some very intricate sculpting.

Sadly, this beauty comes at a price. $400, to be exact! She is 11 inches tall, which makes up for it (somewhat). This is a limited run of only 200 pieces so don’t expect her to stick along long, even with the hefty pricetag! Expect orders to show up on Kidrobot Black very soon.

[via SpankyStokes]


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