Kidrobot Announces The Closing Of Their NYC Store


My very first collectible toy purchase was made at Kidrobot’s SoHo store. It was what started me on the long, bumpy road of toy collecting, and in essence is the genesis of Plastikitty! I have many fond memories from there: the Dead Bunny signing, Dunny 2009’s release party. But now it seems like it is over for good: a few years ago they moved their offices from NYC to Boulder, and now they are closing their flagship store (and don’t forget that they closed a store in London and their Miami location as well a few years back as well).

I don’t think it is a sign that the vinyl community is fading–other NYC stores like myplasticheart and Toy Tokyo seem to be doing better than ever. But Kidrobot? Hyper-limited KR Black figures sit on shelves until they get discounted. The only blind boxes that sell out in stores are from other companies (Wandering Misfits, anyone?). I don’t think this is a great sign for them. SoHo was an important landmark, and it’s a shame to see it go. Doors close at the end of April, and while they say they intend to find another NYC location it doesn’t look so promising at the moment.

[via Kidrobot’s Blog]


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