Kidrobot Bought By NECA, Frank Kozik In Charge


Well, this is both surprising and unsurprising all in one. It’s been known for a while know that Kidrobot hasn’t been doing so hot as they’ve had to close down quite a lot of their retail locations and have been having insane sales up to 80% off retail on their website, so it’s no surprise that something had to happen on their business end, but I don’t think anyone could have expected this. NECA has purchased Kidrobot and placed famed artist Frank Kozik as the new Creative Director in an attempt to bring the company back to being an artist focused entity.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about this. It’s great to see Kidrobot back on its feet again especially under someone like Frank Kozik, but at the same time NECA isn’t exactly synonymous with quality, but rather affordability, which is about the exact opposite of the Kidrobot of old. It also remains to be seen if Kidrobot will actually stray away from their heavy licensed merchandise, especially with NECA at the helm, who exists to bring other people’s properties to life, but I have faith that it will. Now bring me back some interesting Dunny sets and I’ll be happy.

[via Kidrobot’s Press Release, Frank Kozik’s Press Release, and NECA’s Press Release]



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