Kidrobot Brings A Double Dose Of Mascot Action With ‘Bots And Fly Guys

Kidrobot has one really awesome mascot, but for some reason very few figures of him show up outside of zipper-pulls and other accessories like that and the larger sized figures that are out of the price range of many, but fear not, for the in-between sized product is here! ‘Bots is an 11 design 3″ tall mini-figure series by Kidrobot that will come blind boxed and features such designs as KidGangster, KidVandal, KidPunk, KidPrisoner, KidBomber, and more such as a set of basketball players, and I really love the all around appeal that this set has.

That’s not all though, for those who like zipper-pulls, but want them in a slightly larger size, there’s a new set now called Fly Guys that features 25 new variations of the classic mascot in a 1″ tall form factor. Both of these will be available starting October 6th with the ‘Bots retailing for $9.95 each (£7.90 UK, 9.20€ Europe) and the Fly Guys retailing for $2.95 (£2.40 UK; 2.80€ Europe) so get ready to add some more robots to your life!

[via the KRonikle: ‘Bots | Fly Guys]


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