Kidrobot Drops A Bomb With Kronk’s 7″ NYCC Labbit

This is one of the single most confusing posts I’ve ever seen hit the KRonikle with their announcement of Kronk’s Yankee Pig Dog: Biological Warfare Edition Labbit, which we found out about a few weeks ago. I can’t tell 100% if they’re finally admitting that the quality in their factories is sub-par in many instances or if they are purposely making a gritty figure due to the nature of the design. Either way, I’m a fan of the design and I’m glad to see more from Kronk, so I’m not going to complain, but from the teaser images it seems like we have another Huck SDCC 8″ Dunny scenario on our hands from two years ago.

For those unfamiliar with what happened, the piece was produced incredibly quickly with a large number of flaws such as fuzzy paint details, sloppy paint work, and misregistration among other things. Now these same terms are being used to describe this Kronk release, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the pieces came out flawed and they ran with it as the Biological Warfare Edition. Either way, Kidrobot is being upfront that these will not be your standard vinyl fare with perfect lines and quality control and whether or not that’s intentional will forever be a mystery.

All of that said, this is actually one of the very few items coming out at New York Comic Con that will actually be coming home with me. That’s right, out of the multitude of items shown off that will be at the show, the flawed Kidrobot piece that’s “on sale” for $69 instead of $100 made my short list. You may be asking why, and well… it’s because Kronk’s design shines through no matter what and is truly a great and unique design. I love the riveting, the moustached face, goggles, and bombs, and the color scheme is top notch and combines the war-tones of old with modern vinyl “pop-ness” and if anything, the messiness adds to the character of the figure. If you’re looking to add this piece to your collection, it will be an edition of 300 and will be at Kidrobot‘s booth at New York Comic Con (#774).

[via the KRonikle]


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