Kidrobot Tags It Up With MAD’s Bentworld Cans Artist Series

Kidrobot always comes up with some cool ideas for minifigure series and this latest offering is no different. MAD’s Bentworld Cans Artist Series is based upon MAD’s 2007 Bent World Vandals series and features 16 2″ designs with 8 designs being done by some of MAD’s favorite artists. The series will be split between 8 straight from the art-store cans with no artist designs on them and 8 paint-dripping ones featuring tags and other doodles by artists such as kaNO, Marka27, Jesse Hernandez, Scribe, Pon, Brunson, and Sket One.

I really like the idea of these and feel like they get across the whole artist-designed spray can theme better than Fatcaps, which seem to have just all about disappeared. If you’re looking to add some stylish graffiti to your collection, you can pick up the Bentworld Cans Artist Series starting November 3rd for $7.95 a blind box (£6.50 UK, 7.50€ Europe) and get ready to do some tagging!

[via the KRonikle]


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