Kidrobot x Andrew Bell’s Mahākāla Dunny Protetction Edition Is Here To Help You

Back at San Diego Comic Con, Andrew Bell and Kidrobot released the Mahākāla Dunny Prosperity Edition, a white version of the Dunny you see here, to great appeal by the crowd. Now that San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, the Protection Edition of the Mahākāla Dunny is on its way to those of you who missed the first, or didn’t like its colorway. Featuring a black base with blue gradients and gold and red accents, I enjoy this colorway much more than the exclusive one, but that’s still not saying much as I enjoy the designs on the back of the Dunny more than those on the front. I do like that Kidrobot took a risk with this by producing such an intricate Dunny with 4 arms and a ton of accessories to boot, but that still doesn’t mean that it’s something I’d want to display in my collection at all.

If you feel the opposite and want a nice Buddhist-inspired protector in your collection the Mahākāla Dunny Protection Edition, an 8″ Dunny for those wondering, will be available beginning on August 2nd and will be an edition of 900 pieces retailing for $100 (£79.90 UK, €92.70 EU) and will be available on Kidrobot’s website, at Kidrobot stores, and at other Kidrobot retailers. Also, if you happen to live in San Francisco or New York, Andrew Bell will be stopping by the Kidrobot locations there on Wednesday, August 1st at Kidrobot San Francisco and Thursday, August 2nd at Kidrobot New York to sign this Dunny from 6-8.

[via the Kidrobot Blog: Product Info | Signing]


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