Kidrobot x Colus’ Stunning ‘The Hunted’ 8″ Dunny


Kidrobot is the reason I got into collecting toys of any kind: Stephen and I were browsing the clothing in their SoHo store and the Span of Sunset Cheshire Cat screamed out my name. And thus it began! But in the 4 years since we picked up that piece I’ve found my interest in KR and vinyl as a whole waning. It just seems less and less inventive, to the point where I can’t really recall any non-kaiju pieces I’ve been lusting after in the past 6 months or so… until now.

This collaboration with South African artist Colus is simply stunning. ‘The Hunted’ is a black & white 8″ Dunny modeled on the Springbuck/Springbok, a type of antelope. I find it almost haunting, very minimalistic but still moving on an emotional level. I honesty can’t even recall another 8″ design I’ve loved as much as this one! It’s limited to only 1,250 pieces, retails for $75 a pop and will go up for order on April 11th (which just happens to be the day before my birthday… hmm…)

[via Kidrobot’s Blog]


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