Kidrobot’s All City Breakers Are Having A Dance Party With New 20-Packs

The other day, we showed you Kidrobot’s take on ABS army men with their All City Breakers series and now, there seems to be a second way to buy these little guys. For those that aren’t fans of the thrill of the hunt with blind-boxed or blind-packaged items, there are now 20-Packs of the All City Breakers series. Each 20-Pack seems to come with 2 of each of the 10 sculpts and all are in the same colorway of either blue, pink, green, or orange depending on what you buy.

These packs are set to retail for $29.95 (£24 UK, 27.80€ Europe) for each colorway, which is $10 less than buying 20 of these individually. Sadly, that $10 price cut also comes at a price: 15 less boom boxes. These 20-Packs will only contain 5 boom-boxes unlike the regular individual ones which come with a boom box for every figure. I wouldn’t call this a deal-breaker though as how many mini-boom boxes does one really need? I’m also sad that the packaging on these is just a bag and header setup as the packaging on the individual releases is just so ingenious and half of the fun. If you want to add some of these break dancers to your collection, they’ll go on sale on September 15th at all Kidrobot retailers.

[via the KRonikle]


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