Kidrobot’s Yankee Pig Dog Labbit: Stealth Warfare Edition

Kidrobot released the first Yankee Pig Dog Labbit: Biological Warfare edition, designed by South African artist Kronk, for NYCC, and we were able to get a closer look at it during the show. Based on the name I assumed that there would be at least one more colorway, and I was right! The second edition is the Yankee Pig Dog: Stealth Warfare version. Like the first one, it’s part of the “Broke Ass Labbit Sale” aka the quality control is really bad so it’s discounted from $100 to $69. At this point I kind of wonder if that’s the intended price point and this is a marketing ploy, because it seems odd to have the same mistakes on the second edition when they obviously knew they would happen after the first. Wouldn’t they, you know, fix them? In any case, the qc problems actually aren’t that bad–they’re pretty minor compared to some past releases like the SDCC 8″ Huck Skullhead.

I really do like this colorway better than the first–the pink and green was a nice combination but id didn’t really scream “war plane” to me. The black with red, white & blue accenting seems a lot more fitting! This is a 7″ Labbit and is limited to only 900 pieces. It’s set to drop on November 17th, and will retail for $69.

[via the KRonikle]


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