Kotobukiya Announces Supergirl Bishoujo Version 2

It seems like it is a day for old Bishoujos getting an update! First Chun-Li, and now Supergirl. Granted, her first Bishoujo was ages and ages ago, but this is still a bit of a surprise. I’m guessing it’s because of the Supergirl show that seems so popular, right? I wonder if we’ll get any other figures inspired by the booming DC & Marvel cinematic/tv universes. Mera and Gamora would be my wishes!

This is definitely a much different vibe from their first cute, flirty Supergirl. Here she looks strong and defiant, and even though her pose is quite basic it reads as powerful. I am a little surprised they kept the belly-baring outfit, though… I’d like to see a bit more updated one.

[via Koto’s Facebook]


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