Kotobukiya Brings Us Even More Summer Wonder Festival 2013 Teasers


Did you think Kotobukiya’s huge slew of Wonder Festival teasers was enough? Well, my friend, you were wrong. So wrong! Apparently Koto is out to de-throne Mikatan as king of the WonFest teasers, and I think they might actually win this round. Which makes me sad because I hate hate hate teasers. You’re killing the surprise! Especially with WonFest only a few hours away!

Well we’ve only got three here, so let’s dive right in. First off their Colette Brunel from Tales of Symphonia is sculpted. Hooray! Then we’ve got two new announcements: Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai (shocking!) and Dark Angel Olivia from Shingeki no Bahamut (less shocking, given how we’ve already seen Cerberus and Dark General from the franchise).

[via Koto’s Blog]


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