Kotobukiya Panel NYCC 2016: Event Overview


We’ve brought you quite a bit from Kotobukiya’s NYCC panel so far: Ms. Marvel Bishoujo, Katana Bishoujo, DC tv shows, Spike, Star Wars, Marvel, and DC. But there are always some assorted odds and ends left over!

They had information about a handful of their anime and game figures. None of it was that new, but we did get confirmation that the Street Fighter Bishoujo line would be continuing! They didn’t have a reveal here, but we were assured that Rainbow Mika is not the last one we’ll see. Along with that, we found out that the Horror Bishoujo line is also continuing! Again, no actual announcement, but they said there were “several interesting licenses” they were discussing. Which hopefully means not just one more Horror Bish, but a ton of them!


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