Kotobukiya Panel NYCC 2016: Marvel


We’ve already seen Kotobukiya’s big Marvel-related announcement from their panel (Ms. Marvel Bishoujo!), but they had a ton more news at the event. Including an update on their Spiderverse ArtFX+ line: Agent Venom is sculpted! This is not the final sculpt, as his guns and other details will be changed before the paint, but it’s nice to see some progress. We also have the order the rest will come out (Spider-Man 2099, Carnage, and finally Venom) plus this interesting tidbit: they called this the “first wave” of Spiderverse figures. Which means we should get another set! Who would you like to see in it?

We also had a lot of ArtFX updates, like the limited edition black Deadpool and the crazy amount of accessories that will come with their Super Deadpool. There’s an afro, guys. Amazing.


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