Kotobukiya Panel NYCC 2016: Star Wars


Of all the licenses that Kotobukiya tackled at their panel, Star Wars definitely had the most news and new merchandise. They’ve always done a lot with the franchise, but given that we have new, actually good movies I guess it’s not really a shock that we’re not getting bombarded with it! There’s a lot to cover so let’s jump right in.

We got the rough concept sculpts for the Finn & Rey ArtFX+, along with an announcement for Poe & BB-8 and Chewbacca and Han!. They also had the sculpt for the Obi-Wan ArtFX+, along with the tragically hilarious news that he will come with an empty cape to display if you prefer Dead-Kenobi. They had quite a few new troopers: thew Snowtrooper & Flametrooper 2 pack, FN-2199, Scarif Stormtrooper, Death Trooper 2-pack, and a Death Trooper ArtFX. They will also be expanding the Droid line with R4 and R5 sculpts!


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