Kotobukiya Shows Off Some Delicious Tekken Bishoujo Art

The Tekken Bishoujo line has been moving along at a slow but steady pace, and now it’s time for the official art for two characters figures people have been really looking forward to! Of course neither of these are new announcements: Jaycee (aka Julia Chang) we found out about way back at SDCC, and Lili was unveiled in early December. The pictures we saw then were pretty blurry, so it is nice to get a closer look at them!

These are probably my two favorite designs from the line so far aside from Alisa, and both look great. It’s nice to see Lili in something besides white, and I bet the detail on Jaycee is going to be stunning–just look at those feathers! Of course it takes a while for this line to go from art to finished product, but the wait seems to be worth it as Christie just came out and the quality seems awesome.

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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