Kotobukiya Takes On The Boys of IDOLM@STER

Did you know that there is an IDOLM@STER with boy idols? It’s called The IDOLM@STER SideM and it is super precious. What’s not to like about cute boys in cute/stupid clothing? Equal opportunity moe up in here.

Kotobukiya will be the first company to tackle these cuties, as they’ve announced scaled figures of Shiki Iseya and Pierre. I am so in love with Pierre! He is just so damn adorable and he has a PLUSH FROG who is also a prince. Or maybe a real frog? Who knows. I’m pretty excited to see these sculpted, and since IM@S figures tend to flood the market I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up doing most of the cast.

[via Kotobukiya]


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