Kotobukiya Takes On The Spider-Family


Kotobukiya’s Spider-Man ArtFX+ images just came out, and given his current relevance with being in Civil War and all it’s no surprise that they’ll be doing a few more Spideys. I just definitely wasn’t expecting an announcement for, well… all of them. I’m not even joking! Kotobukiya will be doing an ArtFX+ line dedicated solely to Spidey & Pals.

The center Spider-Man seems to be in the same pose as the current ArtFX+, so unless we’re getting a recolor I assume he’s the same one already up for pre-order. Then we’ve got Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Gwen, Carnage, Venom (x2!), and most importantly Ultimate Spider-Man, aka Miles, aka the most precious spider-baby. I am beyond excited to finally have a figure of him!!

[via mfc]


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