Kotobukiya Teases Their Freddy Versus Jason Bishoujos


When we announced that Kotobukiya was making Bishoujos of horror icons Freddy and Jason, it seemed like no one (off of our website, of course!) really believed us. Sure, there’s an image of Freddy and Jason’s signature weapons and it was part of their Bishoujo announcement and it’s clearly drawn by Shunya but omg it’s just too weird, right?

Well as promised, Halloween has rolled around and we’ve gotten official confirmation (for a second time)! Kotobukiya is showing off the silhouettes for both of these big bads, and they look very intriguing. Freddy definitely looks very cheesecake, while Jason gets a more menacing pose. I’m absolutely dying to see the full reveal! Get it, dying? Because they’re horror films? And it’s Halloween?

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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