Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Captain Marvel Is Up For Order

As a big fan of both the original Ms Marvel Bishoujo and the new Kamala version, I had high hopes for Kotobukiya’s Captain Marvel. I mean, she’s a badass flying chick with short hair. Played by the always-amazing Brie Larson in the upcoming film, no less! And the art was indeed pretty cool. Shunya was sticking with his newer, slightly-less-pinup style and went for a more realistic body and less cutesy face.

The finished product is here (or at least orders for her are), and I’m a bit torn. I love the colors, pose, and face. I think the whole chest area is kind of weird: her ribs are suuuuper prominent and she’s got the “floating globes” boob dilemma going on. But look at those arm muscles, so good. While she comes in at the standard Bishoujo 1/7 scale, her retail is only ¥8,000 and she comes out in June!

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