Kotobukiya’s Cryska Barchenowa Is A Thing Of Beauty


I usually don’t do more than one gallery per a figure. If we posted every color sample that came up, our site would be flooded with figures we’ve all seen a dozen times over! But sometimes a gallery pops up that we just can’t resist. Sure, we already did an extra gallery for Cryska Barchenowa along with her promotional shots, but I’m so enamored with this figure that I just can’t get enough!

Everything about this piece is stunning. The face, the coloring, the pose, the sculpt. I know that Kotobukiya is not considered a top-tier manufacturer (mostly because of past work which seems counterproductive to me) but this could seriously be a figure from Max Factory or Alter. It’s just perfection! Kotobukiya’s entire Muv-Luv line has been fantastic so far, and I really can’t wait for the two new sculpts they showed off at Wonder Festival.

[via Danny Choo]


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