Kotobukiya’s Daisy-chan Flutters Into My Heart


I’ll admit it: I am totally and completely obsessed with Kotobukiya x Tony Taka’s Daisy-chan, and I have been since the moment we laid eyes on her sculpt. And I don’t mean obsessed in a “I really want this figure” kind of way, but in a “oh my god if I could have one figure for the rest of my life it would be this one and I don’t even own her yet” kind of way. And judging by how insanely fast her pre-orders sold out, I don’t think I am alone!

It might be the fact that she’s the calendar girl for my birth month (April) in Tony’s 2013, or the wings, or the gorgeous soft color palette, or her large scale, or the masterful use of clear PVC. Or maybe it’s the wings and twintails! Or the outfit! More likely she’s just a perfect storm of everything I love. In a good way, not in a movie Perfect Storm “oh god we’re all going to die on this boat” kind of way. Because that would be unfortunate. Did any of you Plastikitties manage to snag an order for this cutie before she flew off the digital shelves?

[via moeyo]


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