Kotobukiya’s FemShep Mass Effect Bishoujo Gets An Exclusive Colorway

…and it’s not for New York Comic Con! Honestly, Female Shepard JUST got promotional shots, so I am amazed that we are getting a second colorway already. Though I think fans will be happy: this is a raven-haired version of the customizable character! So if you played black or red-haired Shep, it’s almost like a version of your character. So all we need now is blonde and brunette.

This is an exclusive to Bioware’s store, and of course because it’s Bioware she will come with some DLC for the Xbox 360 and PC versions. They’re only multiplayer bonus items, but hey, who doesn’t love free DLC. You do of course have to pay for FemShep herself, though she’s only $65, the price of the regular edition. There are 2,500 pieces, so she’s sort-of-limited, and she’ll come out in March


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