Kotobukiya’s Marvel Bishoujo Lady Deadpool Is Painted


After possibly the longest time ever for a Bishoujo to go from announcement to art, Lady Deadpool has been moving along at a rather breakneck speed. We saw the sculpt at San Diego Comic Con, the painted version at Wonder Festival, and now she’s all ready for orders! That’s a six month turnaround time, which is pretty speedy… well, maybe not so much for the Marvel Bishoujos, who seem a lot faster than some of the other lines.

Like we’ve seen before, Lady Deadpool comes with two faces: masked and unmasked. Thankfully the unmasked version still has her holding the mask (and a bonus grenade, because Deadpool)! I have to say, I love the masked version to death: the sinister outfit combined with the playful pose is so dead-on. The unmasked face is pretty dead-on to Shunya’s art, but I’m definitely keeping the mask on 24/7. I mean, dat ponytail.

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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