Kotobukiya’s Men In Black Bishoujo Agent G

Kotobukiya announced a Men In Black 3 Bishoujo at NYCC, and the art was shown off at SDCC this year. I was surprised that after so many months she wasn’t sculpted yet, but it seems like she’s been in the works for a while as she is now both sculpted and painted! Thankfully they kept the hydrant and tentacle from the illustration, and I think the base is actually the best part of this figure. I love intricate bases, and I feel it adds a lot to this piece.

The face is the one part I’m not sold on: it looks too, well, American for me. That might seem weird since Agent G’s an American character, but I feel like Shunya’s style is a bit lost. The pose and outfit look great though, especially the sculpting on her coat and the glossy tights! She’ll come out in February 2013 in the US, and probably January in Japan. I think she’ll pair quite well with the Ghostbusters Lucy (review).

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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