Kotobukiya’s Movie Bishoujo Jaina Solo

Today Kotobukiya is going on a Bishoujo-posting spree, as this is the first of FOUR that we will see today! The first reveal is one we knew about, Jaina Solo from Star Wars, because we actually heard about at SDCC this year! She’s Hans Solo’s and Leia’s daughter, apparently, though she didn’t inherit her mom’s crazy hair. Jaina looks very cute, and I think the pose will match up with the other Movie Bishoujo, Ghostbuster’s Lucy! She seems less, well, sexed-up than some of the other releases, which I am sure Star Wars fans will appreciate. The outfit actually reminds me of Kaylee from Firefly, which is pretty damn awesome. She’s cute, sexy, but still very casual-looking and not at all tacky. Good job, Kotobukiya!

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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