Kotobukiya’s New Daisy Is A Thing Of Beauty

When I first saw Kotobukiya’s Daisy, I thought, “well here is the figure for me!” Tony Taka, wings, clear PVC, ribbons, twintails, what more could I ask for (aside from ruffles and cat ears)? It’s been quite a few years since her release and she’s gotten a few “sister” figures, but now it’s time for a brand-new take on my cutie! And somehow it’s even better than the original.

The sculpt is softer and gentler than the original but also more refined and crisp. Plus, sitting pose! I love those, even if they are shelf hogs. I love that she comes with the flowers, it’s such a nice touch. I wonder if we’ll get more casual versions of Freesia and Anabell

[via Kotobukiya’s Blog]


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