Kotobukiya’s Star Wars Bishoujo Jaina Solo, Now Finished?

It’s been a while since the unveil of the Star Wars Bishoujo Jaina Solo, and we really haven’t heard a lot of her since then. They’ve clearly been taking their time on the sculpt, which to me at least is always a good thing. Better a long wait and a great sculpt than a quick release that’s sub-par right? Well, Jaina just popped up on Big Bad Toy Store sculpted & painted, so it seems like the wait is over!

The body sculpt here looks fantastic, with lots of details like the folds in her shirt. The coloration is also very nice, and she comes with some cool accessories. The one thing I’m not totally sold on is the face: she looks a bit younger and round-faced here (kind of the opposite of Asuka Kazama). However, it seems like these are rather preliminary shots of her so I’ll need a more detailed look before I actually come to a conclusion about this space-traveling cutie.


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