Kotobukiya’s Street Fighter Bishoujo Ibuki


For fans of Street Fighter’s Ibuki, it’s been a long wait for her Bishoujo version. She was announced a little over a year ago, and then it was all quiet on the eastern front. No painted version, not even a teaser of the sculpt! Which is pretty uncommon in the Bishoujo line, since it tends to move rapidly along.

Thankfully, her painted version appeared at Wonder Festival and SDCC. And now she’s all ready for orders! And, like we thought, there will be two versions: the standard, and a special masked face one that’s exclusive to Kotobukiya’s online shop. Right now it’s only on their Japanese one but if she’s anything like the other exclusives, expect her to go up on the US shop very soon (which means no proxy fees!). I really prefer the masked face, so I’m hoping she makes and overseas appearance.

[UPDATE] Masked Ibuki is indeed available on KotoUS!

Pre-Order At: HLJ | AmiAmi


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