Kotobukiya’s The Dark Knight Rises Batman Is All Kinds of Badass

Back at Toy Fair, we got to take an up-close-and-personal look at Kotobukiya’s newest Batman statue–and I was in love! The uncolored sculpt was simply amazing, with tons of motion and some incredibly sharp details. I was really looking forward to seeing him colored, and while it took a few months it was definitely a worthwhile wait! The black is rich and deep, and they managed to keep all of the details highlighted with what amounts to a pretty monochromatic color scheme. He also comes with some swappable accessories: you can display him holding a grapple gun or an EMP rifle. There’s even a light-up bat signal on the base! He’ll be released in November, and while I am usually not really a huge statue-lover I am most definitely looking forward to this one.

[via Kotobukiya’s Facebook]


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