Kotobukiya’s Third Butterfly Sister Takes Flight


Kotobukiya’s butterfly sisters Daisy and Annabell have been some of my favorite figures from the past few years. They’re huge (1/6 scale!), beautifully sculpted, super colorful, and full of clear PVC. Plus, illustrated by Tony Taka! What’s not to love?

I was really excited when they announced the third sister, though I will admit that her color palette is my least-favorite of the three. I’m more drawn to cool colors so the super warm scheme is a bit different from what I’m usually drawn to. But she looks so beautiful with the other two! I think her face is the cutest of the three, and she definitely seems the most… young? Definitely more cutesy and carefree than the other ones! Freesia should go up for order this week.

[via Kotobukiya’s Blog]


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