Kotobukiya’s White Costume Version Storm Bishoujo

The toy website heo always seems to put Kotobukiya’s figures up a little bit earlier than everyone else, and now they’re at it again! They’ve just put up for order a White Uniform version of the Storm Bishoujo, set for an October release and is apparently limited to 2,000 pieces. The outfit has obviously gotten a color swap, and it seems like the base has as well, as it’s now pink and purple. The listing is here, and it seems pretty legitimate–though of course Kotobukiya does not put up figures for order without a prototype!

[EDIT] At the request of the company, the images of White Storm have been taken down as it seems like they leaked early! For those who missed it, the changes are essentially that now her outfit is white and the base is a mix of purple & pink.


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