Kotobukiya’s Winter WonFest 2017 Teasers

Wonder Festival is less than a week away, and you know what that means–teaser time! I feel like every year these pop up sooner and sooner. It used to start on Wednesday and Thursday, now we get them at the beginning of the week! Well,the better to spread ’em out, I guess.

First up is Kotobukiya with 4 teasers. Two are of figures we already knew about: the protagonist from Persona 5 and RyuuuZU from Clockwork Planet. Then we have two new ones! There’s an ArtFX+ of Arrow (from the show, not the comics) and a new Lancer from Fate/Grand Order. Which is basically Caster Extra in a swimsuit? I’ll be honest, I have not the faintest clue what is going on with Fate anymore.

[UPDATE] We have some teaser artwork for the Ms Marvel Bishoujo! This will be on display at Toy Fair (which we will be covering in person!), but might also make a WF appearance.

[UPDATE 2] We also have Bishoujo Katana’s teaser! Thanks Marissa~

[via Kotobukiya]


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