Lawson Plans Some Uber-Limited Fate/Zero Merchandise

There are a lot of rare, limited lottery-based figures out there, but the convenience store Lawson seems to be the king of ridiculously hard to get figures. Now they’re upping their game with a line of Fate/Zero merchandise, the crowning jewels of which are two figures: one of Saber Zero in her suit and one of Rider Zero in some casual clothing. And when I say two figures I mean two. As in they are most likely only making one of each. There is either going to be one very happy otaku or one very rich flipper when those lottery results come in! The chances of actually owning either of these are pretty astronomical, but for those of us who can only dream they will also have a lot of lottery-based merchandise and a smaller Saber (not in suit) to pine over.

[via Lawson]


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