Lazy Caturday: Snuggle Up With Cornelius & Maddy


We have featured my kitties on the site here before–quite a bit, in fact! They tend to get in the way during outdoor review shoots at my house, and Sam even got his own post. Sam has two siblings: Cornelius (or Corny, because he’s way too stupid for such a dignified name) and Madeline (Maddy). I handraised them from ten days old because their mom tried to eat them (long story), so they’re very close! And I realized Maddy hadn’t really been on the site, which of course had to be fixed.

I managed to catch her sneak-attacking (aka putting her fat butt on) Corny while he was tucked in like a little human, and how I could I resist the photo opportunity? Even though it was super late at night. (I may or may not be a crazy cat lady in training). So check out these two cuties in the gallery, and expect Samkin to get his own feature very soon!


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