Lazy Sam Sunday


You may have noticed that here at Plastikitty, we really like cats. Like, a whole lot. After all, we are Plastikitty. Our mascot is actually based on a real life animal: my cat Samkin, who is indeed pink! Not hot pink: he’s a champagne tabby, so he’s a soft, washed out sort of pink. I’ve had him since he was ten days old: his mom tried to eat him (true story!) and I ended up handraising him and two of his siblings who are bound to pop up on the site sooner or later.

You probably picked up on the fact that I absolutely cannot resist taking pictures of Sam if he appears in the middle of a figure photoshoot, like he did with Asuna and Kitty Pryde. I ended up with quite a few shots that I just couldn’t rationalize sticking in the middle of a review, so they get their own post! Action shots of Sam hunting a squirrel! So sit back, relax, and coo over how cute he is. So ferocious! Go get that squirrel, Sam!


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