Lazy Sam Sundays: Interfering Kitty


When I did the Yoko Kurama review, I mentioned a little assistant. A little furry assistant who did not so much “assist” as he did “get in the way and shove the figure over at every given opportunity.” Because, you know, that’s just how cats roll. What is this thing? Is it mine? Why are you paying attention to it? Can it pet me? Let me rub up against it! Look it fell over! Let’s do it again!

Whenever I shoot outdoors the kitties invariably get in the way. This time it was Sam, like it usually is–he is my cat, after all, and though he can be annoying as heck he’s just SO CUTE look at his smiley little face how can you not love him? So I may or may not have taken a break from the shoot for cat pictures. Possibly. You can find out in the gallery!


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