Level Up With Pokemon Nendoroid Red, Champion Edition


The Pokemon Nendoroid line has been moving along pretty steadily: we got Red, Cynthia, and N. We were all excited about who was coming next: Misty? Brock? Someone from a newer gen? Well, it’s… Red again! I know, right. What a shock. GSC giving us a slightly different, but improved, version of a figure. For (probably) more money and also it’s limited + exclusive. Of course.

I mean, it is pretty cool: we get the final evolutions of the starters instead of their stage 1 versions. Still no Pikachu, but snazzy nonetheless. The only question is, how will this be available? If it’s like the other 3, it won’t be that hard to obtain overseas. And the box does have the Pokemon Center logo on it, so that seems likely. But Wonder Festival is coming up, so I wouldn’t be that surprised if Red was one of their event exclusives.

[UPDATE] He’ll be available exclusively at the Pokemon Center!

[via Pokemon]


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