Lucario Is The Next Pokemon D-Arts


So far Bandai has given us Mewtwo, Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. So who is up next? You would think maybe Gen 2 starters, maybe some more legendaries, or perhaps a popular mascot like… say… Pikachu? Nope! It’s Lucario! Why is Lucario so popular? It eludes me. Sure, he’s great on a team (though there are other Steel & Fighting Pokes I greatly prefer), and there’s the movie, but… come on, Celebi had a movie and you don’t see her with fawning crowds of fans.

In any case, here we are with D-Arts Lucario! His form does work well for an action figure, which surely went into consideration during the planning stages. I wonder if he will come with a cool hat and cape as first run bonuses?

[via Figure/GK]


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