Magazine Scans: August 2012

Welcome to another month of wacky magazine scans. This time we’ve got some very bad cellphone pics, but mixed in with higher quality scans that went up at the same time! Oh Japan, you’re so silly. This month we’ve got quite a few things, which is surprising given that WonFest was only a short while ago. You’d think companies would have nothing new left! Well we do have a lot of Nendoroids we already knew about along with recolors and re-releases, but there are some new goodies as well. Hit the jump to check them all out!

[UPDATE] Updated with the rest of the scans!

[UPDATE #2] Updated with a few stray scans, including MegaHouse’s Rider!

Mikoto Misaka Swimsuit Figures | Kotobukiya | 1/8 | Re-release | Exclusives

Koto seems to be re-releasing both of these: given that they are quite rare nowadays, this is great news for fans!

Taiga Recolors–Swimsuit & China Dress | Kotobukiya & Wave (respectively) | 1/8 | Exclusives

Nice to see these rare figures getting recolors! I missed swimsuit Taiga the first time around, so it’ll be nice to potentially add her to my collection.

Mikoto Misaka | Wave | 1/10

What is it, Mikoto week over here?! A new Beach Queen as well!

Taiga Aisaka | Wave | 1/10

Mikoto AND Taiga week, apparently. This is a re-done & re-colored version of an old sculpt though, while Mikoto is brand-new.

Horizon Ariadust Uniform & Plain Clothes Versions | Good Smile Company | Nendoroid

I am glad Tomo isn’t the only Horizon Nendo! And we are getting not just one Horizon, but TWO.

Sakura Miku | Good Smile Company | Nendoroid | March

She looks better and better each time they preview her.

Sasara & Maaryan | Good Smile Company | Nendoroid & Nendoroid Petit | ¥4,000 | December

Ahhhh finally Sasara is ready! I’ve been waiting a long time for her, she looks great.

Leviathan | Amakuni | 1/8 | ¥9,800 | March | Exclusive

I hate that they are splitting manufacturers on this line and took Leviathan away from Orchid. I think they might look weird together now.

Alicia | MegaHouse | 1/8

Queen’s Blade with storybook characters? An interesting premise for sure, and good character design!

Miu Ousawa | Amakuni | 1/8  | March | Exclusive

She looks great! A shame that she’s exclusive.

Zessica & Mix | MegaHouse | 1/8 | ¥6,615/¥7,350 | March

Why are these MegaHouse when Mikono was Alpha x Omega? What a mystery!

Chie Satonaka | MegaHouse | 1/8

The face looks weird, but the pose is nice!

Yayoi Takatsuki | MegaHouse | 1/7

As predicted, Yayoi is the next Idolm@s girl!

Lucifer | Orchid Seed | 1/8 | Exclusive

Great to see that Orchid is still involved with the line, though I am still annoyed they split production.

Arshes & Chouhi Recolors | Orchid Seed | Exclusives

Chouhi is getting a limited recolor already?! And this is the 3rd for Arshes–we like her a lot, as you can see in our NSFW review!

IA | Aquamarine | 1/8 | March

IA was the star of the show in our WonFest GK roundup, and I am floored to see a PVC production of her! Then again, Aquamarine seems to only do GKs to PVC (and quite well!).

Iori | Wave | 1/10 | 2013

Well THAT took a long time, Wave announced her months and months ago!

Nyarlathotep | Wave | 1/10 | 2013

YES more Nyaruko!

Fin E Ld Si Laffinty | Wave | 1/10 | ¥3,800 | 2013

Cute, but what I really want is a good scaled figure of her in the suit. Come on, AmiAmi Zero!

Ririchiyo Shirakiin | Wave | 1/10 | ¥3,800 | 2013

Well, I guess we had to have one boring BQ in the scans

Asuna | Wave

Wow, Asuna is so popular recently! The pose for this looks really cute as well.

Mary Stuart | Hobby Japan | Exclusive

Of all the Horizon girls, they go with her… she has a kind of dull design and I really doubt the ability of ANY company to do her tastefully.

Chisato Sumiyoshi | AlphaMax | 1/7

I love AlphaMax’s swimsuit girls, they’re so pretty!

Fate T. Harlaown | AlphaMax | 1/6

Well, we knew there would be a Fate to match Nanoha, but I am still happy to see her!

Rider | MegaHouse | 1/8

A manly man indeed! While that isn’t exactly my thing, the sculpt looks amaaazing.

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