Magazine Scans January 2012

Welcome to January’s magazine scans, filled with a veritable cornucopia of figure delights! This is a particularly great batch of scans, with the usual Queen’s Blade and some fantastic Hyakka Ryouran announcements, including Alter’s next Hyakka girl!

Of course there are also figmas, Revoltechs, some really cute (and one unbelievably tacky) Beach Queens, and tons more. There were far more new figures than usual, perhaps in anticipation for what is going to be on display for Wonder Festival. So hit the jump to get started!

Sanya V. Litvyak | Max Factory | figma

I have been waiting a long time for this figma! She looks fantastic, though I think the paint will either make or break her as the sculpt is pretty basic.

Black Rock Shooter Bike | Max Factory | 1/12

I don’t really see the need for this, but it is a pretty cool accessory. I bet it will be expensive, though.

Siggy 1P & 2P Variants | Kaiyodo | Revoltech | ¥2,900 | April | NSFW

I love Siggy, so while this looks a bit mediocre I am quite tempted, especially by the black version.

Alice Boost Ver. | Kaiyodo | Revoltech | ¥2,900 | May | NSFW

The loli Alice Revoltech is adorable, but I don’t know if the design works in a poseable figure all grown up. Her proportions look really off.

Naoe Kanetsugu | Alter | 1/8 | 2012

Urgh, exclusive Naoe! I love her design so much, but the fact that she is made just by Hobby Japan puts me off–their work is rather shoddy. Note that she’s not announced as an exclusive, but without another producer it seems likely.

EDIT: So Naoe is produced by Alter, making her like the swimsuit Yagyu. So much want!

Gotou Matabei | AmiAmi Zero | 1/7 (240 mm) | 2012

More Gotou butt, hooray!

Iori Minase | MegaHouse | 1/7

Weird that Iori is not in the same outfit as the other two, but I think it looks great on her!

Sayaka Miki | Good Smile Company | 1/8 | ¥7,800 | June

Sayaka looks as nice as we’d expect, she’s very lovely and I think this line is going to be fantastic once complete.

Jinsei Yagyu | Alter | 1/8 | 2012

Finally confirmation on a new character in the Hyakka Ryouran line! Only one left, then…

Izumi | MegaHouse | 1/8

I really like Izumi’s design, but the pose looks a little weird.

Sena Kashiwazaki | Wave | 1/10 | 2012

I love Sena! I passed on Yozora on this line because she looked funky, but they definitely recovered with Sena.

Kobato Hasegawa | Wave | 1/10 | August

So friggin cute! I try to swear off Beach Queens and then they do things like this.

Tomo Asama | Wave | 1/10 | 2012

Tomo is one of the bustiest Beach Queens I have ever seen, and this look is just not working for me on any level.

Laura Bodewig | Wave | 1/10 | 2012

Finally, the last Infinite Stratos girl!

Ringo Oginome | Wave | 1/10 | 2012

Ringo is very meh: boring sculpt, boring swimsuit, and boring design.

Naruko Anjou | Kotobukiya | 1/8 | May

Naruko looks so much better painted than just her raw sculpt.

Inia Sestia | Kotobukiya | 1/7 | 2012

Nice to see more Muv-Luv figures from Koto, the first one was gorgeous.

Maxima | Yamato | 1/7

What a gorgeous Maxima! Glad to see that Yamato is continuing the Shining Hearts line.

Alice | AlphaMax | 1/7


Inia Sestia | AlphaMax | 1/7 | 2012

More Inia?! How weird that both Koto and AlphaMax showed her off at the same time.

Cheerful Miku | Good Smile Company |  1/8

Sculpted by Kiking? Hells yes!

Luka | Max Factory | 1/7


Tenshi Hinanai | Kotobukiya | 1/8 | Exclusive

I love Tenshi so much, great to see her getting some more figures.

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