Magazine Scans January 2016


A new year, a new batch of magazine scans! Sadly with 2016 we aren’t getting any good changes. AKA, it’s still almost all MegaHouse. I miss old scans so bad, guys, but I need to get over it! Just appreciate what we’ve got! Because there’s a lot of nostalgia here. I mean, there’s the usual One Piece figures (including some totally over the top anatomy as per usual), yet another figma Kirito (we totally need that), and Alpha x Omega’s Eri!

Then… nostalgia train. We’ve got Digimon, Dragonball Z, and Pokemon. Lots and lots of Pokemon. Ash and Misty are here, of course, with basically no updates. But we’ve got new ones! Cynthia will be joining the line, along with Steven Stone! Talk about characters I never expected to see in figure form. And why is Metagross so freaking tiny? But whatever. More Pokemon. Not gonna complain.

[via takezo1101’s Twitter]


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